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Spotify’s Premium Family plan is getting parental controls to help block out the swears

Gotta protect those little ears from s@$%

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One of the most-requested features is coming to Spotify’s Premium Family plan – parental controls.

Now, you’ll be able to remove access to all that noise you don’t want your kids listening to, with an explicit content filter that will remove swearing, violence, drugs and more.

Spotify is adding parental controls to its Premium Family plan

It’s slightly confusing that it took this long for any sort of explicit content controls for a plan marketed as “family,” but whatever.

It’s here now, and that means no more having to listen to the newest hot joints from foul-mouthed rappers. Unless, of course, you like that kinda thing, in which case go right ahead. It’s your Spotify playlist, after all.

The Family plan is getting a few more tricks too:

  • Family Mix: Just like Spotify’s normal Mixes, this list is pulled from all the music the members of your family enjoy. Perfect for long car rides.
  • Family Hub: If you pay the bills, you get the power. The power to manage the other members on the plan, like adding or removing them, updating addresses and managing the new explicit content controls.
  • Six accounts: The new changes haven’t changed your ability to have six individual Spotify Premium plans for use by those living under the same roof. That means upgrading to a Family plan won’t remove your existing playlists or saved tunes.

Ireland has the update already, with other markets rolling out this fall. Spotify Premium Family is $15 per month, which is a deal for six individual plans. The only catch? All six people need to live under the same roof.

What do you think? Glad to see these controls coming to your Spotify family plan? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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