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WTF, Instagram is going to start stuffing ads in the Explore page

Ugh, this blows.

instagram explore page ads
Image: Instagram

It was only a matter of time – Instagram is going to start injecting ads right in the Explore page soon, according to the company. For those of you don’t use the app, the Explore page is a handy place where users can discover new content that’s not displayed on their feed.

While you may not see them today, just let it be known, they’re coming, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Other than, you know, consuming the ads.

Here’s what we know about the ads coming to Instagram’s Explore page:

  • Thankfully, ads will not be displayed on the Explore grid, but they’ll appear once a user taps on an Explore post and begins scrolling through that particular discovery feed
  • The ads will typically consist of photos and videos
  • The first ad, which is reserved for IGTV, goes live today
  • Instagram will be offering Explore ads to advertisers over the next few months

I get where Instagram is coming from. They are a service with a gazillion users. And a lot of those users utilize the Explore page. I mean, from a business standpoint, they would dumb not to include ads in there. It makes perfect sense.

Sure, as a user – this blows. The Explore page is the last place where you would want to see ads crammed in your face. But hey, that’s how it is. If Instagram isn’t charging you to use the app, you can bet the farm away that they’re going to plaster ads all over the place. That’s the trade-off. Welcome to the future.

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