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The OG App gives you an ad-free Instagram experience

Not surprisingly, Meta’s not a big fan of The OG App.

the og app instagram clone
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There’s been a lot of uproar about Instagram’s recent design changes, and the creators of The OG App are looking to do something about it.

The OG App was created by a group of developers who were tired of the new look. So, they decided to create an app that takes Instagram back to its old days.

To be completely clear, this isn’t an alternative to Instagram. It is Instagram, except without the ads and with more control over what you see on the platform.

instagram app without ads
Image: KnowTechie

The OG App lets users create their own feeds with various filters, similar to Twitter lists. You can create a feed specifically for friends, one for food, and one for all of your favorite cat videos.

And it still contains many of the newer Instagram features, like Stories. The app’s main purpose is to give you more control over what you see when browsing Instagram. And it removes ads to clean up the experience.

Now, you might wonder how these developers are getting away with this app and why Meta hasn’t shut them down. Well, it looks like the tech giant is working on that.

In fact, The OG App has already been removed from Apple’s App Store. As of right now, it’s still available on the Google Play Store, but it looks like that could come to an end soon, too.

UPDATE 10/12/2022: The OG App has also been removed from the Google Play Store.


A spokesperson for Meta told Engadget that the company is taking “enforcement actions” against The OG App.

In addition, a tweet from The OG App’s Twitter page says that Meta has banned the Instagram accounts of the entire development team permanently.

They also claim that Meta deleted their Facebook accounts, even though they never connected them to The OG App.

While it would be nice to have an app for Instagram the way it used to be, Meta’s not going to be a fan unless it comes from in-house. So, while it’s a nice concept, we don’t expect The OG App to stick around too long.

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