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Instagram growth hacks for more sales

If you follow these hacks religiously you are sure to improve on your sales figure.

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You know how popular Instagram has become and you know why you have clicked on this article. Well, you read the title right. After consulting top social media experts in the industry, we have made a compilation of essential growth hacks for more sales on Instagram. Nowadays, many people want to increase their popularity on Instagram quickly and they try to buy Instagram followers for $5 to get the best deal at a cheap price. Readers are advised to get only real followers if they decide to buy them and not to go for bots.

 So, without wasting any time lets take a look at how you can improve your sales figure on Instagram.

Make a strategy

Not having a solid strategy to begin your campaign with can make it very difficult to get started with initial sales. Not having a proper course of action is like shooting in the dark, and no one want’s to be that guy. Jot down your objectives, what you wish to achieve from the campaign, how much time you are willing to put into it, do you know your target audience; all of these things factor in while making your strategy. Simply making an account and hoping for the best will do you absolutely no good.

Telling a story

Stories are popular for a reason. Stories have the power to captivate the imaginations of those who read it. Stories give the ultimate freedom to your imaginative power. It is the words of the bard that keeps the imaginations flying of those that heed. Focus on telling a complete and compelling story to your audience rather than always trying to sell them something. This will help people to associate themselves with your brand. Your audience should confide in your brand and sale figures will jump to newer heights.

Using third-party tools

Once you have your niche and audience all figured out, you will need to keep track of the performance of your service or product. This becomes even more important when you have a large network of an audience to connect with. Keeping track of sales, post engagements etc is very important as this can give you valuable insights that you can use to enhance your numbers further. Dashboards of these apps give a comprehensive and graphical view of the metrics which makes it very easy, even for first-time users.

Curating Quality content

This might seem to be a quite generic tip at first, but it is often the most overlooked aspect of the campaign. You spending hundreds of dollars promoting lousy contents will not do anyone any favor, and is a certain waste of your hard-earned money. Having quality content is the primary objective of any social media platform.

Content that have the power to captivate the audience. Without quality and relevant content, the audience slowly loses interest over time, which is something you definitely would not want. Curating content best suited and which is geared towards your audience is very important. Add videos and images to make them more attractive.

Engagement is key

Having personal connections is one of the most important tips someone can give to you to grow your profile. You need to engage with your audience to establish personal connections with them. Engagement includes liking people’s comments, replying to their comments, replying to people’s direct messages. Along with focusing on quality content creation, you need to focus on generating engagement as well. Brands with higher engagement rates report higher sales.

Utilize user-generated content

It is a great way of growing quickly on Instagram. You can do this in different ways. Either you can ask your audience to post content related to your brand over some contest or you can just search the content already present on Instagram which people have posted. Using relevant hashtags really helps a lot in doing this. You can search for particular posts that are posted using your brand hashtag.

When you have found some quality user-generated content, you can share them on your profile as an Instagram post or an Instagram story. This helps your audience to understand that people have trust in your brand and people are using your products and services and are satisfied by them. This, in turn, encourages them to try out your products or services for themselves driving sales for you.

User-generated content is also important as this is a way of users doing the marketing for you. So, there is a constant increase in new people who are getting aware about your brand even when you are not running a marketing campaign.

Collaborations with Influencers

This has been a constant thing on this list always. Influencer Marketing is a thing now more than it ever has been. People have to build up trust in influencers over time so when they tell their audience to try out a product or service, it feels credible to people. 

Even if you are unable to get a collaboration with a big influencer because of money or time, you can always go with micro-influencers. Micro-influencers are influencers with comparatively less number of followers but they have more engagement with their followers as compared to bigger influencers. Micro-influencers usually have a very specific audience and if you find the correct influencer, their audience might be very interested in your brand.

Go live

Users love when their favorite creators go live on Instagram. It allows them to directly engage with their creators. Also, live videos stay on your profile just for 24 hours, so try to go live on Instagram as often as you can. Live videos are displayed on the top of users’ Instagram feed even ahead of Instagram stories so you have a great chance of getting seen by a large part of your audience. Instagram also sends notifications to some of your followers that you are going live so as they can join you. 

If you can plan ahead, then you can inform your followers about it in advance so they can join you at the time and don’t miss it. Live video helps your audience as they can ask their queries with you related to your brand or get guidance on a topic. When you do this, you add value to your audience’s feed and their relations improve with you and hopefully, they will do a purchase from you. In order to gain trust some people try to buy instagram live views and increase their engagement on their live session. This helps them to convert the viewers into their client.

Run contests and giveaways

Hosting contests and giveaways are one of the most strong ways of growing your profile. Usually, in a contest and giveaway, you can ask your audience to spread the word about your brand to their family and friends in order to be eligible for the contest or giveaway. This gives you a lot of new audience in a quick time. 

You can partner with some influencers at the time of contest or giveaway to spread the word about your contest or giveaway and this will further increase the number of new people following you during that event.

Post shoppable photos

Now Instagram allows you to add products to your store if you have a business account having 10000 followers. Then you can start posting photos with products in them and create a shoppable post so that when someone clicks on it, they get redirected to your store to purchase that specific product. You can either take them to your website or do all the selling stuff on Instagram itself without ever leaving the platform. This gives your audience ease in doing purchase from your brand and further increases the chance of them buying from you hence driving more sales for you.

If you follow these hacks religiously you are sure to improve on your sales figure. Work towards your goal every day and eventually, you will reach it someday. There is no point in wasting time so start working towards increasing your sales today. And you can thank us later. 

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