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IOS 17.5 update introduces direct-to-consumer app distribution

Apple’s iOS 17.5 update introduces a new app distribution method for EU users, as well as security and stability upgrades, and improvements to mobile device management and Battery Health functionality for iPad models.

Smartphones displaying iOS 17 Developer Beta update screens.
Image: KnowTechie

Apple released iOS 17.5 into the wild on Tuesday, and it’s more than just a routine update.

This version introduces significant changes for iPhone users, particularly those in the European Union, and brings a host of enhancements that might soon benefit users worldwide.

EU users can now download apps directly from the web onto their iPhones from third-party websites. This feature, called “Web Distribution,” allows users to bypass the App Store when downloading apps.

Alongside this change, iOS 17.5 introduces crucial bug fixes and security upgrades because, you know, hackers are hacking, so these tests keep them on their toes.

Subtle Upgrades

Other notable updates include improvements in mobile device management and anticipated Battery Health functionality for the latest iPad models. Though these changes aren’t as flashy, they enhance overall device efficiency and longevity.

The Bigger Picture

iOS 17.5 might not look very different on the surface, but it actually takes a big step forward in how apps are distributed and managed on Apple devices.

It shows that Apple can adapt and follow rules while also setting the stage for a possible big change in how apps are distributed worldwide.

It’s clear that iOS 17.5 is more than just another update; it’s setting the stage for a future where developers have more control and users enjoy enhanced security and device performance.

The rest of the update

The iOS 17.5 update brings a range of new improvements to enhance the iPhone experience. Notifications have been refined for better control, and Apple Music playlists now allow for collaborative management.

Focus modes offer more customization options, and dynamic wallpapers adjust throughout the day. iMessage gets an upgrade with animated stickers and new sticker features. Privacy is bolstered with enhanced app tracking transparency and detailed permissions.

Battery management tools help optimize charging and prolong battery life. Additionally, the Home app sees improvements in home automation and device management, integrating better with third-party smart home devices.

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