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iOS and Android users are getting 31 new emojis

These are all part of Emoji 15.0.

new emoji for world emoji day 2022
Image: KnowTechie

With World Emoji Day only a few days away, new iOS and Android emojis are expected to release soon. It is a part of the emoji day tradition.

Although there are only 31 new iOS and Android emojis being released this fall, we already have an idea of what they may look like.

This is thanks to Emojipedia, the world’s leading repository of everything emoji. Thanks to Emoji 15.0, a high-five, Wi-Fi, and a shaking head emoji, among others, will be coming to iOS and Android.

All these are contained in the draft list of expected emojis released by Emojipedia. But, what else do we know about the new iOS and Android emojis?

Meet the new iOS and Android emojis

The new iOS and Android emojis include the following: a shaking face, light blue, gray, and pink hearts, and leftward and rightward pushing hands of different skin tones.

It also includes animals like a brown moose, a gray donkey, a light blue wing, a black bird, a white goose, and a jellyfish.

There’s also a flute, maracas, hair pick, folding hand fan, pea pods, ginger, hyacinth, khanda, and of course, the Wi-Fi emoji.

The Unicode Consortium has until September to finalize its submission, but historically, most drafts are usually accepted.

emoji icons on blue background
Image: Unsplash

Emojipedia admits that some of this year’s 31 designs may not make the cut, but it hopes that most do.

In 2021, Emojipedia proposed 112 unique emoji designs and 334 in 2020. Emoji 15.0 will provide emojis alongside Unicode 15.0.

World Emoji Day 2022


During World Emoji Day, learn how to use emojis on your PC and on your Mac as well.

Meanwhile, Apple is also expected to use World Emoji Day to announce upcoming additions to the iOS emoji library. This has been its practice since 2017. Earlier this year, it released emojis for iOS 14.

Days ago, Mark Zuckerberg also announced that WhatsApp users can now access and use the entire emoji collection as reactions, instead of just the chosen six.

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