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Apple’s new iPhone 15 USB-C port is 100% standard, despite rumors 

Although limited to USB 2.0 speeds on the standard iPhone.

Iphone 15 usb-c charging port

Apple launched the new iPhone 15 series a few days ago with USB-C. It’s the first time an iPhone comes equipped with a USB-C port. While the launch excited most Apple fans, some were worried about the port being non-standard. 

We first learned about Apple’s USB-C switch back in 2022 as a potential move to comply with upcoming EU regulations. Although Apple was forced to switch to USB-C, most people celebrated the news.

However, some were worried sick about how Apple may mess it up, like adding an authentication layer that would force users to purchase expensive Apple-certified charging cables.

It’s clear now that Apple’s implementation of USB-C is standard, and there’s nothing special about it. 

The iPhone 15 USB-C port is normal

According to Ars Technica, the USB-C implementation on the new Apple iPhone 15 is normal, and nothing is strange about it. The outlet had the following to say,

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“works just fine with all existing USB 3 and USB-PD (Power Delivery) compliant cables, chargers, and accessories.” 

Iphone 15 in hands purple background
Image: KnowTechie

Well, the outlet is right in all regards. The USB-C cables listed on Apple’s website, including options from third-party brands like Belkin and Mophie, are iPhone 15 compatible.

These are just standard USB-C cables, have been around for years, and don’t have any special authentication chip.

However, the initial rumor was pretty different, to say the least. It suggested Apple would reduce the charging speed when paired with unauthorized USB-C cables. 

Because it’s Apple we are talking about, the rumor was somewhat believable. Originally, Apple’s MFi certification program forced customers to purchase expensive MFi-authorized Lightning cables with special integrated circuit chips.

While Apple didn’t enforce such a system when the iPad and Mac adopted USB-C, we thought the iPhone 15 would be an exception, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. 

There’s still a catch, though. While Apple equipped all iPhone 15 models with the USB-C port, they are not the same. The USB-C port on the iPhone 15 and 15 Plus is equipped with slow USB 2.0, while the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max offer faster USB 3.0. 

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