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Apple’s iPhone 15 Pro Max launch potentially delayed until October

While iPhone launch delays are rare, they do happen – like with the iPhone 13 Plus in 2022.

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Apple is reportedly facing potential setbacks with the launch of its highly anticipated iPhone 15. According to The Information, the launch of the iPhone 15 may be delayed until October, a shift from the company’s traditional September rollout.

So, what’s causing the delay?

Apple seems to be hitting some speed bumps in its production line for the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, according to insiders close to the matter. The company is reportedly trying out a new manufacturing process aimed at slimming down the bezel around the display.

This move would give its premium iPhone 15 models larger screens while maintaining a similar bezel size to their predecessors. But somehow, this new addition is what’s causing the delays.

This means that even when the iPhone 15 is finally released, consumers may face difficulties in getting their hands on the new device.

Interestingly enough, this “new” process isn’t exactly new to Apple’s playbook. As The Information points out, Apple first employed this process back in 2019 for its Apple Watch 7. Unfortunately, that led to about a month’s delay in production.

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Apple may lower production of its high-end models instead of delaying their launch

It appears the iPhone 15 Pro Max might face more severe shortages compared to the iPhone 15 Pro. As for the standard iPhone 15, it’s all systems go with no reported production issues.

Could we see a delay for the iPhone 15? It’s tough to tell. While iPhone launch delays are rare, they do happen – like with the iPhone 13 Plus in 2022.

However, Apple seems prepared this time, stocking up on displays according to DSCC research. Even if there is a delay, it’s likely to be short-lived, similar to the few weeks’ wait for the iPhone 12 in 2020 due to supply issues.

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