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How much will the iPhone 15 cost?

Will the iPhone 15 have the same pricing structure as last year’s model?

iphone 14 mockup with apple logo in background
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Quick Answer: Apple hasn’t revealed the price for the iPhone 15 yet. But many speculate that the price will be similar to the iPhone 14, with potential increases on premium models due to inflation.

The iPhone 15 is likely coming out in September of this year. With the uncertain economic times ahead of us, there’s much speculation about how much the new line of iPhones will cost.

With the exception of the SE models, typical iPhone prices over the last few years have remained pretty similar. The starting price of all iPhones since the iPhone 11 has ranged between $800 and $1,000.

Since Apple has yet to announce any official prices for the next iPhone, we can speculate that the prices will be similar to what we’ve seen in the past. But we don’t know the full picture quite yet.

What will be the price of the iPhone 15?

Short answer: Speculation says the iPhone 15 line will likely cost the same as the iPhone 14 line

Many speculate that the iPhone 15 could be priced the same as the iPhone 14. Like the iPhone 14, there are reportedly four models of the iPhone 15 coming in September.

Here are the retail launch prices for the iPhone 14:

Those are the prices for the base versions of each model. They start with 128GB options and get more expensive when you add more storage. The iPhone 15 will most likely follow the same strategy.

iphone 14 in both sizes on purple background
Image: KnowTechie

However, the starting prices could potentially be higher this time around. At least for the two “Pro” models.

A leak from Apple insider LeaksApplePro claims that Apple could increase prices for the Pro and Pro Max (reportedly called the iPhone 15 Ultra) by $100.

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Image: Apple

According to the leak, the strategy behind increasing those prices is to drive more sales for the iPhone 15 Plus.

Another leak from the same source claims that Apple will use titanium for the shell of the iPhone 15 Ultra.

Titanium is more expensive than the stainless steel found on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, so that could lead to another price increase on the highest-end iPhone 15 model.

We don’t know what Apple plans to do with iPhone 15 pricing. All we can do at this point is speculate. But as we get closer to the September release window for the new phone, we should learn more about pricing.

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