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For some reason there’s now an iPhone case that doubles as a dumbbell

Beat people up with this weighed iPhone case.

Image: Softbank

Ok, I understand the appeal of wacky iPhone cases and chuckle at funny ones as much as the next person, but things are getting out of hand, or rather in-hand, with this weighted dumbbell case.

This new iPhone case from Japenese telecom company, Softbank, is taking things to the next level and encouraging users to get swoll while browsing Facebook and sending emails. The phone case weighs 10kg, or approximately 22lbs, and has literally no practical applications. It will not fit in your pocket, it weighs enough to probably lower the gas mileage in your car, and it’s shaped like a fucking dumbbell. 

Ok, ok, I know what you’re saying, and yes, it would make a funny gift for your gym rat friends, but at a near $100 price tag, is it really worth it? Is that friendship with Kev really that valuable? Probably not.

The case is reported to be the heaviest in the world, and honestly, maybe the most pointless. At 22lbs, what are you going to do? Lift your limp noodle of an arm up once to check that Tinder notification from a bot 2,000 miles away? Is that how you want to spend your time? Really?

Do you want this case? Why? Let us know in the comments, but just know that we will be judging you.

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