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The iPhone and Nexus wars rage on – Which side are you on?

When it comes to the Nexus or the iPhone, which side are you on? Here’s a front row seat to the front lines.

The apple and nexus war rages on
The apple and nexus war rages on

When the new iPhone 6 was announced earlier this week, Android users were quick to point out the faults, almost instantly.

Seriously, even before the announcement, this image surfaced all over Twitter and Facebook:

Nexus vs Apple

Apple users were a little late to come back, but nonetheless they struck back with this:

Apple and Nexus wars contine

I could sit here and write a defense for each platform, but I’m not here to choose sides. It’s just fun watching these two groups go at it.  Stay tuned!


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8 years ago

What exactly is seamless messaging? The last time I checked I can’t get iMessage on any non-iOS device but Hangouts is available for a wide variety of platforms beyond Android. The app store is actually really good on Android’s end. They need to check on that. Promising…well we’ll wait and see… like how Passbook was promising.

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