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Is Twitter working on a feature that lets you write long-form content? God, I hope not

Someone, please tell me this is a joke, right?

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As if 280 characters wasn’t long enough, Twitter seems to be working on a feature that lets you write long-form content. Basically, articles.

At least, that’s the assumption Jane Manchun Wong, a notorious code leaker, has come to after diving into the code.

Wong posted a tweet to the platform showing us a glimpse of the unreleased feature and it’s giving me some serious Facebook Notes vibes, but in any event, here’s what it could possibly look like:

Wong has a proven track record of unearthing features on the platform before they’re released, so given the fact that she somehow found the code for this tells us the company is in fact working on it in some form or another.

I’m not exactly sure what direction Twitter seems to be going with this, but personally, I hate it. People are already quick to create a Twitter thread and seeing long-form content like articles on the platform would just turn Twitter into Medium.

If Twitter is working on an article feature or something along those lines, then they can put all those efforts and resources into developing an edit button. It’s the least they can do. But I swear, if we see this come to light, I say we riot.

Listen, it’s not just me. Everyone thinks this is a dumb idea. I’m not the only one, OK?

And of course, there are folks who think something like this is good for the platform. I’m not going to share those tweets because I personally don’t agree with them, but there are some users who think Twitter should go forward with this plan. Mainly brands. Gross.

Now, this is something Wong found in one of her code-diving excursions. This could very well be bait for bloggers like me. Or it could be something Twitter considered at some point and eventually abandoned.

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