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Is your smartphone spying on you? [Infographic]

Wondering if your smartphone is spying on you? Chances are it is. Check out this infographic and learn more.

Smartphones have revolutionized the way in which we communicate. Whereas a mobile phone were formerly devices purely for phone calls and text messages, they are now all-round communication tools which incorporate emails, social networking, instant messaging and so much more. However, with all of this information comes the risk of your phone being targeted by spies and hackers who are viciously trying to hunt for your personal information via your smartphone.

This infographic by Neon SMS UK details who is most likely to track your smartphone, as well as outlining how your phone can be tracked and unusual signs which you should know if you are worried about your smartphone’s security. If you notice that your phone is behaving oddly, it is shutting down randomly, it is making noise when not in use, or if it is operating very slowly, it may have been accessed by a spy or hacker.

Check out the infographic below to educate yourself on the warning signs to watch out for so that you can see if your phone is being tracked:

Is your smartphone spying on you?


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