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Elon Musk’s Neurolink will push music directly into your brain

Move aside Alexa, Elon wants your spot.

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There has been plenty of hype surrounding Elon Musk’s controversial new idea; the Neuralink. And, yep, it sounds like something straight out of Michael Crichton’s The Terminal Man. So, what is it?

Well, we don’t know all the details yet, and we won’t until August 28 when Musk reveals them. However, we do have some juicy tidbits. Namely his intentions to boot Spotify off its perch by streaming music directly into your head.

That’s right. Elon Musk’s new brain-hack will be beaming entertainment directly into your grey matter. He has also touted the device as a way of repairing the neural pathways that are damaged when people live with degenerative brain disorders such as Parkinson’s disease. We’ve had SpaceX and the Cybertruck. Now, here’s the scoop on Musk’s latest brainwave.

Brave new world

Given the number of people, across the globe, who rely on anti-depressants to cope with mental health, could this be the solution mankind needs? Will this spell the end for big pharma and the stranglehold they have on the medical sector? Who knows.

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One thing is for sure, though. And that is that it all seems a little bit “Aldous Huxley” to be controlling the chemistry of people’s brains, remotely, via an implanted chip.

Brain entertainment courtesy of Elon Musk

The intention is for the Neuralink to work via two holes laser-drilled through the skull. The chip will be placed on the outside of the brain with wires attached, which then run into the holes and attach to the brain itself. The electronic signals sent to the brain will then, presumably, stimulate it to achieve the desired effect. We do have headphones that kinda bypass the ear. Bone conduction headphones, like the ones used for exercise, work via vibration through the skull or the jaw. They still deliver sound to the ear, though. They just bypass the eardrum.

Exactly how Elon Musk plans to get the music directly to your brain, without involving your ear, remains a mystery. I can’t help but remain suspicious of the more nefarious uses such a device could entail, but until Musk holds his big reveal at the end of August, it is all just conjecture. I’m sure we’re all very curious to see how this pans out. Until then, we’ll have to make do with just grabbing yourselves a pair of wireless earbuds and, you know, using your ears like everyone else.

What do you think? Would you have a chip implanted in your brain so you could listen to music? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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