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It’s proven: Dark mode really saves battery life on OLED phones, especially iPhones

……According to one YouTuber

facebook messenger dark mode
Image: Facebook

Fans of OLED screens have long used dark wallpapers and turned on dark mode in apps to save on battery life. The thing is, there hasn’t been conclusive proof shown, other than Google mentioning something about, that dark mode does, in fact, save battery.

Now we have conclusive proof, with PhoneBuff testing two otherwise identical iPhone XS devices with a series of tests done by robots. Yea, robots.

We’ve long thought dark mode would save battery life on OLED phones – now there’s proof

PhoneBuff‘s full test is in the above video, showing the robots doing the ultimate “Light side vs. Dark side” test – normal UI vs. Dark mode. The skinny? The iPhone with dark mode enabled had 30 percent of its battery life left when the “light mode” iPhone XS gave up the ghost. That’s a pretty high contrast…

  • The tests included watching a YouTube video, using Twitter, navigation via Google Maps and chatting on iMessage – pretty standard uses for anyone
  • Both phones were run at 200 nits (that’s bright)
  • Only dark-mode compatible apps were used in the test

So, there you have it. At least on the iPhone XS’s OLED screens, using system-wide dark mode saves your battery. A whole lot of battery, as it happens, giving you enough to get through the most grueling of days with juice in the tank.

So, do yourself a favor – go turn on dark mode everywhere.

Do you already use Dark Mode on your iPhone? Have any thoughts to this? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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