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I’ve been training for Fall Guys my entire life

The crown taunts me.

fall guys main screen
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Fall Guys, the breakout title that combines Wipeout and currently-popular Battle Royale mechanics, is now out on PC and PlayStation 4. I first played the game last year at PAX and had a blast with it, but wondered if some of that excitement was due to the personal aspect of playing with a bunch of people in close proximity to me.

Now, having secured two wins and enduring unimaginable sadness (see below), I can confidently say that the game is great fun regardless of your location. If you haven’t seen anything about this title, let me fill you in. You start with 60 people in a lobby and your goal is to not be eliminated through various different mini-games. Some involve obstacle courses, others require memory through a match game, and there are team games that you must endure where the losing team is eliminated.

It’s all coated in bright colors and silly sound effects and probably the most toxic game I’ve ever played. I’ve also been training for this my entire life.

Fall Guys combines so many things people have been doing in video games for over 30 years. Platforming, finely-tuned reflexes, team-based cooperation, and more. While the game absolutely has some detection issues with some things (looking at you Fall Ball), if you’ve been gaming for any amount of time, you’ll feel right at home in Fall Guys.

Mediatonics and Devolver Digital have a hit on their hands with this title. The format allows for an almost endless amount of replayability and new mini-games to hate enjoy. There is a real-money shop (because of course there is), but it never feels intrusive. You get plenty of currency from just playing, and Fall Guys features a second currency for skins, costumes, and more that require you to get wins to earn them. It’s honestly so smart and something I would love to see more developers add to their Battle Royale-type titles.

But yeah, that’s about all I have. Just wanted to write about a game I currently love. Good luck out there, friends and remember, fuck Yellow.

What do you think? Have you played Fall Guys yet? How do you feel about it? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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