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We just got some new details about the iPhone 8

If all these details pan out, Samsung has a huge problem on their hands.

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According to Bloomberg, Apple is working on releasing three new iPhone models sometime this fall.

There’s a been a lot of speculation and countless rumors regarding the new iPhone 8, but this report from Bloomberg seems to be the most trustworthy.

Here are the important details from the Bloomberg report outlined by Business Insider:

  • One new model will have a screen that covers the entire front of the device except for a little bit. The iPhone’s screen, using OLED technology for the first time, will be as large as the screen on the iPhone 7 Plus, but will fit into an iPhone 7-sized phone.
  • Apple has tried to integrate its fingerprint sensor into the screen but it’s not clear whether that feature will be included in the upcoming iPhone.
  • The double-lens camera on the upcoming redesigned iPhone will be oriented vertically, instead of horizontally as on the iPhone 7 Plus. The front-facing camera might also gain a second lens.
  •  Apple plans to use faster chips using a “10-nanometer process” which improves efficiency over the “16-nanometer process” Apple currently uses for its processors.
  • The latest prototype of the redesigned iPhone 8 uses slightly curved glass on the front and back and is “similar conceptually” to the iPhone 4.
  • Two other new models will use the same screen technology and sizes as the current iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Now, keep in mind, all of these details are not confirmed by Apple. However, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has a pretty good track record with leaks and rumors regarding upcoming iPhone’s, so take this all with a grain of salt.

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Business Insider via Bloomberg

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