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Juul has allegedly been shipping contaminated year-old pods to customers

The lawsuit comes from a former Juul executive.

juul e-cigarettes online sales ban
Image: Juul

A former Juul executive filed a lawsuit against the e-cigarette company because, allegedly, one million tainted nicotine pods were shipped to retailers, as reported by Business Insider. The company has also attempted to resell products that were expired with a brand new “best by” title slapped on them.

And to add to this, higher-ups at Juul had reportedly known the products were bad but shipped them anyway.

A former Juul VP brought to light issues with products and poor working conditions

Siddarth Breja, Senior Vice President of Global Finance, is the executive named in the suit. He stated he had brought these practices to light last March. However, Breja was released from his role not long afterward. Juul claims Breja has embellished his role at Uber, his previous company.

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Breja’s suit details the other poor business practices within the company, among some of them being a ‘culture of silence’ and former CEO Kevin Burns, who stepped down in September, behaving ‘in a dictatorial manner.’ For example, long before Breja’s dismissal from Juul, Burns and the other higher-ups repeatedly ignored his concerns to them.

Breja says he tried multiple times to speak out against the company’s below-par ethics. However, he was threatened into silence. Not long after his termination, Juul filed a case against Breja in July alleging ‘serious deficiencies in his management style’ and ‘inability to collaborate with peers and consistently treat others with respect.’

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The ‘treating others with respect’ line is interesting. Because the most egregious part of this lawsuit is the quote from Burns. It is in regard to how he feels about his loyal clientele.

Half our customers are drunk and vaping like mo-fos, who the f–k is going to notice?

Jeez, Kev, tell us how you really feel?

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