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Kia has released images of its first dedicated EV ahead of the launch event

Sadly, Kia hasn’t announced pricing for the new electric vehicle.

kia ev6 electric crossover suv
Image: Kia

If you were jonesing for some hot EV action from Kia after its teaser last week, you are in for a treat. The Korean carmaker has released a bevy of glamour shots of the upcoming EV6 all-electric crossover vehicle, ahead of the full launch later this month.

While we still don’t know anything about range, top speeds, zero-to-sixty times, or any of the usual specs that we’re used to hearing with EV releases, at least we know what the crossover vehicle looks like. And what a looker. It reminds me of those ’80s comics about supercars, where the vehicle looks stretched out due to how fast it’s going.

The EV6 is the first vehicle using Kia’s new design philosophy, “Opposites united.” If that sounds like a lot of psychobabble, it’s probably because it is. Still, it appears you can’t launch a new car without building on design pillars these days. What happened to building cars on four wheels, I couldn’t tell you, but maybe this video from Kia design chief Karim Habib can.

That said, the EV6 from Kia is pretty exciting since most electric vehicles are of the more pedestrian, boring version. It looks pretty roomy inside too, although all of the media shots only show the front two seats, so maybe the back passengers will run out of headroom with that sloping roof.

Still want more details? So do we, so we’re eagerly awaiting Kia’s announcement for the full launch and price, sometime later in March.

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