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Hear the world around you with LIZN Hearpieces

This is what you get when a hearing aid and a pair of headphones have a baby.

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Image: Lizn

My dad has a hearing aid in his right ear due to hearing loss from when he was a police officer, so earbuds aren’t an option for him. We had to go around trying to find the right type of headphones for him that fit over his hearing aid. For people who have hearing aids, it’s difficult for them to find audio equipment that is compatible. Personally, I have trouble hearing low-speaking voices, but it’s not enough to warrant a hearing aid. I just have to ask “what?” a couple of times like a doofus.

There are also some folks who have difficulty with hearing, but either are not eligible for a hearing aid, or they just can not afford one. There are gadgets out there that aim to “amplify” sound, but most of the time the audio just sounds muffled and distorted.

If you are in either category, LIZN has listened, so to say. Looking for a pair of headphones to work with your hearing aid? Looking for a pair of audio monitoring devices to help with hearing loss? Why not both?

Lizn hearpiece

Image: Lizn

LIZN has announced that their Hearpieces are available for pre-order, and the capabilities from these are quite intriguing. LIZN Hearpieces amplifies speech ranging from noisy business meetings to intimate conversations along with processing and enhancing sound from any direction you face. Directional amplification technology is often found in hearing aids. LIZN Hearpieces are wireless and charge wirelessly through their case, so there are entirely no wires on the go. The case is charged via an encased USB cable.

On top of the speech amplification, Hearpieces also comes packed with top of the line audio technology for listening on the go. LIZN hasn’t given us just an impressive pair of hearing aids, but also a pair of Bluetooth earbuds that rival some of the best available. Listen to music, answer your phone calls, or even use a hands-free digital assistant without switching devices.

With the LIZN Hearpieces small, discreet, stylish design, I haven’t seen a better product on the market. LIZN is one of the only products to offer a virtually hands-free, wire-free experience. If you have to take the Hearpieces out, just pop them into their stylish carrying case that doubles as a charger. LIZN Hearpieces were officially named CES 2018’s Innovation Award nominee, and I can see why. I can’t wait to get my hands and ears on these.

LIZN Hearpieces are available for pre-order now for $150 and available in colors cafe latte, ruby red, and anthracite grey. Pre-orders will be shipping out sometime in March 2018.

Will you be picking up the Hearpieces? What do you think? Do you see a practical use for a gadget like this or has LIZN fallen on deaf ears?

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