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This nifty display lets you see 3D content without a headset

No, it’s not a 3DS…

looking glass pro 3d holographic display
Image: YouTube / Adam Savage's Tested

We first saw the magical holographic displays from Looking Glass Factory last year, and now they’re back with a fully-contained version – the Looking Glass Pro.

It’s basically one of their holographic displa3oys with an Intel NUC computer onboard, which handles the computing needed. That means it’s portable and can be set up anywhere that there’s a power outlet.

The Looking Glass Pro is the holographic workstation of the future

Just look at it. LOOK AT IT. It’s majestic af. It’s like the Minority Report computer UI, just contained inside a monitor. That’ll have to do until the company manages to project light into thin air, I guess… Oh, if you’re at Siggraph you can go touch it in person. Nifty.

  • The main screen is a 15.6-inch light-field display, with full-face touchscreen, a secondary 2D display for navigation and a Leap Motion controller
  • It’s powered by an Intel NUC 8 VR NUC8i7HVK, which has an Intel i7 with onboard Radeon Vega graphics
  • It’s shipping now, at a cool $6,000

I mean, this is cool and all but I’m holding out for a Looking Glass laptop. Not sure how they can shrink the display down to be thin enough but if anyone can, my bet’s on them.

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