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Night Mode on the iPhone 11 Pro is wild – check out these examples

Oh heavens, I’m arriving.

Green iphone 11
Image: Apple

The newest batch of iPhones are pretty boring if we’re being honest, but there is one feature that has me, and a lot of other people, excited. Night Mode is the new camera tech baked into the phones and makes taking shots in low-light an entirely new experience.

The camera tech is truly impressive and we’re starting to see some examples pop up around the web, so we wanted to take a moment to highlight some of these awesome shots.

Check out some of these awesome iPhone 11 Night Mode shots

Seriously, I was not interested in the new iPhone in the least, but these examples of Night Mode are wild.


My word.

Pour me a drink, I’m thirsty for this camera.

Cute cat, cuter camera.

Seriously, this is magic.

I’m honestly not sure I even believe this one, but my gawdddddd. 💦💦💦

The best part about this new camera mode? It’s available on all iPhone 11 models. Yep, that’s right, you can get it on the $699 iPhone 11 or on the more expensive iPhone 11 Pro.

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