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Nintendo Switch 2 could get better battery life than the Switch

Battery life will be clocked faster in docked mode and “crazy low” in undocked mode.

Nintendo Switch 2 with the words Switch 2 in white
Image: KnowTechie

It’s no secret anymore that Nintendo is working on the successor of its most popular handheld platform, the Nintendo Switch, which will apparently be named the Nintendo Switch 2. 

We don’t know much about the Nintendo Switch 2, except for the rumor that it may get a larger but inferior display and that the launch may have been pushed back to 2025

However, the latest Nintendo Switch 2 leak concerns its performance. It suggests the Switch’s successor will have improved performance in docked mode but inferior performance in handheld mode, affecting battery life. 

Nintendo Switch 2 battery life will differ in docked and undocked modes

nintendo switch sports tennis
Image: Nintendo

The latest Nintendo Switch 2 information was revealed during a conversation between content creators Moore’s Law Is Dead and The Phawx during the Broken Silicon Podcast (via IGN).

Based on the discussion, the next Switch will get Xbox Series S-level ray-tracing, and the battery life will differ significantly from the original. 

Moore’s Law further explains that based on what he heard, the Switch 2’s battery life will be clocked faster than expected in the docked mode. However, it will be crazy low in handheld mode.

Presumably, Nintendo is trying to enhance the Switch 2’s battery life, at least by making it better than its predecessor. 

The Phawx said the company aims to expand the battery life but also wants the console to perform on a low RPM fan.

However, this is still a rumor, coming from a discussion between two creators, so don’t take this as. 

There have been a few Nintendo Switch 2 rumors, but only a few are worthwhile. 

The most recent credible rumor came from a Nintendo executive during a Q&A session. The executive hinted at backward compatibility to allow users to play old Switch games on the next-gen platform. 

Either way, the second credible rumor comes from the Japanese outlet Nikkei, which states that the console will be released in 2025.

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