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Nintendo Switch 2 leak points at a larger but inferior display

It’s set to get an 8-inch LCD display from Sharp, instead of an OLED.

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The Nintendo Switch has been the most successful handheld gaming console for years, with over 132 million units shipped as of September 2023. 

However, the Switch is not the king of portable consoles anymore. It’s been since stripped of its moniker after competitors jumped on the bandwagon with more capable hardware (Steam DeckROG AllyLenovo Legion Go, and most recently the MSI Claw ). So, it’s about time we get to see the Nintendo Switch 2

While there have been a lot of speculations and unconfirmed rumors regarding the next generation of the Nintendo Switch, the latest rumor indicates Nintendo’s next console is coming, but not with the upgrades we were hoping for.

Nintendo Switch 2 could be a conflicting choice for fans

New nintendo switch oled
Image: KnowTechie

The latest Nintendo Switch 2 report comes from Bloomberg, and the outlet states, citing Omdia analyst Hiroshi Hayase, that Nintendo is expected to launch a “new game console” with an 8-inch LCD screen this year.

Now, Mr. Hayase is an analyst who tracks all types of displays from the manufacturing supply chain.  

In addition, the report says the Sharp Corporation is the company supplying the LCD panels and working closely with Nintendo. 

Sharp has a previous record of working with Nintendo as the assembler of Switch. 

Unfortunately, we are not 100% certain about the report’s validity. However, if it is indeed accurate, the Nintendo Switch 2 will get the largest display in the history of Nintendo consoles. 

The standard Switch sports a 6.2-inch LCD, while it’s a 5.5-inch LCD for the Switch Lite, and the latest Switch OLED features a 7-inch OLED panel.

While the Nintendo Switch 2 is getting a larger display, one might consider it a downgrade, as according to the report, the next generation Switch is getting the LCD treatment. 

It seems Nintendo intends to target the standard Switch and the Switch Lite audiences with the Switch 2 rather than those with the OLED display. We are not sure how the decision will play out in reality.

Either way, better hardware is expected. But the console will still feel low-end with an LCD panel in 2024 when even budget smartphones come with OLED panels, leaving customers with the impossible choice – get the Switch with better hardware and an inferior display or older hardware with a better display. 

That is, assuming fans won’t wait for a Switch 2 OLED to spend on.

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