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Nintendo Switch 2 might have been pushed back to 2025, says report

You have to wait till next year for Nintendo Switch 2.

Nintendo Switch 2 with the words Switch 2 in white
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The Nintendo Switch 2 rumor mill has started grinding again, with the latest report indicating the upcoming console’s launch date may have been pushed back a bit from late 2024 to 2025. 

Although Switch 2 was privately demoed at Gamescom and a previous report revealed that it might sport a larger 8-inch LCD panel, that is pretty much the beginning and the end of our knowledge of Switch’s successor.

Now, according to the latest VGC report, Nintendo is telling publishers the console’s release date is slated for Q1 2025.

Nintendo Switch 2 may have a hard time beating its predecessor

While Nintendo has not confirmed its upcoming console’s name as “Nintendo Switch 2,” an early 2025 release means launching at the same time of the year as its predecessor. 

The original Nintendo Switch arrived in March of 2017. 

In addition, two VGC sources have even confirmed that they were developing games for the Nintendo Switch 2 games slated for early 2025. 

However, VGC isn’t the only outlet stating an early 2025 for Switch 2. A video from a Brazilian journalist, and Eurogamer reports the same – the Switch 2 launch window has been pushed back to Q1 2025. 

Now, we are unsure why Nintendo pushed back the release date. But we speculate to provide developers more time to finish the launch titles. 

One of the launch titles could be Metroid Prime 4, which was announced in 2017, with the development rebooting in 2019. It has since then stalled, and we haven’t heard anything about it since. 

Polygon speculates Nintendo might be holding on to it for the moment to launch alongside its new console. 

Either way, whenever Nintendo launches, Switch 2 will have its work cut out for it. 

It has to fill the shoes of its predecessor, the third best-selling console of all time, beating both Sony and Microsoft consoles. 

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