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The No Man’s Sky Next trailer released and it might be enough to bring players back

Finally, you’ll be able to explore the universe with your friends.

If you have followed almost any gaming news over the past few years, you know how bad No Man’s Sky was received when it first launched in August 2016. Even disappointed, I found the game endearing, and have continued playing it through its various updates, each one offering more to the experience.

Now, Hello Games is going all in with their new Next update, which promises a slew of features that have been desired since the game first released. You can check out the trailer at the top of this post, but we’ll also highlight some of the changes not shown in the coverage.

Gamers will now be able to play NMS in either first or third person, both in and out of ship. A much welcome feature, but not nearly as important as these next two. In addition to new POVs, gamers will finally get the chance to explore the endless universe with their friends. Previous updates did allow for a multiplayer, of sorts, but it was in the form of glowing orbs that would indicate if someone was close – you also couldn’t see their ship.

Also being added to No Man’s Sky Next is the ability to base-build anywhere. Previously, you were limited to small areas of the map that were littered around on each planet. It will be awesome to watch what others create now that those limitations have been lifted.

Freighters were added to the game post-release, and while they were a great feature, it never felt like you truly had the chance to take advantage of such massive ships. That is changing with Next, as commanders will be able to go full-on Captain Picard in Battle of the Sector 001 and control a fleet of ships.

In an email to Polygon from Hello Games,

You can assemble and upgrade a fleet of frigates and command them from the bridge of your freighter. Send your fleet out to into the universe, or deploy them to help you as you explore a specific system. The improved freighter base building allows a truly custom capital ship. Invite your friends aboard and take on challenging multiplayer missions from the Galactic Commission Station on your bridge.

Oh, and a small, but amazing update, there are adding rings to planets. Ring hype is real.

No Man’s Sky has had a bumpy road, but to continue to build and expand on a game after so much controversy should definitely be applauded. Next will be released on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on July 24. The update will be free for PS4 and PC players that already own the game.

Play NMS? Tempted to try it now? Let us know in the comments.

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