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This one quick hack will help you avoid your autocorrect fuck-ups

Here’s a simple to trick to fix your autocorrect blunders. Surprisingly, it’s a lot easier than you think.

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Beware, this post contains a lot of fucking profanity.

How many times have you gone to type in “fuck” or “fucking” into your smartphone only to find it autocorrect to “duck” or “ducking”? Unfortunately, it happens all the fucking time.

As with anything, there’ s a really simple way to fix it. Actually, there’s two ways, but the most common way is to go to Settings, then General, then Keyboard, the, Text Replacement. From here you can set what you want to autocorrect. That’s the boring way.

But there’s an easier way and it’s pure fucking genius. We have to thank Senior Columnist at The Guardian, Steven Thrasher, for discovering this amazing hack:

As Thrasher mentions in his tweet, when you add “fuck fucker” and “fucked fucking” as contacts, your iPhone will stop auto-correcting the word “fuck” into variations of the word duck. It’s 2016, why are we only finding out about this now?

You’re welcome.

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