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OPPO unveils Air Glass 3 AR glasses at MWC 2024

Another prototype, but the future of AR glasses looks bright.

OPPO Air Glass 3 prototype
Image: OPPO

The long-awaited MWC 2024 is finally here, and OPPO is showing off the prototype of its new OPPO Air Glass 3, “assisted reality” glasses.

Yes, AR or Augmented Reality is making a comeback, courtesy of products like Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses that reignited the platform. 

Even Apple Vision Pro gets some credit. Although it’s a mixed-reality headset, it also dabbles in a bit of Augmented Reality. 

OPPO has been prototyping its assisted reality glasses for a while, and the OPPO Air Glass 3 is the third iteration, which is pretty clear from the name.

Now, OPPO has done something marvelous with its new assisted reality glasses. The Air Glass 3 can access the company’s AndesGPT model through the smartphone.

So, by proxy, the glasses can understand text, images, video, and audio to interpret complex user scenarios. You can also access the AI functions through a light press on the temple area, which activates the AI voice assistant.

OPPO Air Glass 3 remains a prototype like its predecessors

Image: OPPO

Besides the AI functions, the OPPO Air Glass 3 also sports features like voice calls, music playback, image browsing, information display, etc.

OPPO says that features like a teleprompter, navigation, timer, translation, and quick health and fitness information preview will also come to the Air Glass 3 via future updates.

The OPPO Air Glass 3 uses magnesium-lithium alloy for the frame and PA nylon for the temple area. The glass weighs 50g and has 164.84 x 164 x 48.4mm dimensions.

The weight has increased significantly compared to the previous iterations. The OPPO Air Glass and Air Glass 2 weighed 30g and 38g, respectively.

The Air Glass 3 provides a wearing experience close to a regular pair of glasses while providing a full-color display with automatic brightness adjustment.

OPPO also plans to provide customized optical lenses for people who need them.

The AR glass works with the Air Glass app, which connects to any OPPO smartphone running Color OS 13 and above.

Nevertheless, OPPO Air Glass 3 is still a prototype, like its predecessors, which never became commercially available, and it doesn’t seem to be changing with the new iteration.

However, it’s still good to see that companies are still innovating technology in segments like smart glasses, making us optimistic for the future.

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