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Overcome your fears to achieve success: Joseph Samuel Song’s story and his tips to be a great entrepreneur 

Joseph Samuel assures that, from every mistake, every obstacle, and every failure, he has had a positive experience.

joseph samuel song

When faced with a situation of change, fear is often a common denominator. In entrepreneurial processes, it is usually no different. The fact is that being about to start a project or leaving your usual life to look for other horizons can be overwhelming. However, the adventurous spirit, determination, and desire to make a difference, are usually above the entrepreneurs. At least in the case of Joseph Samuel Song, it is so.

At just 19 years old, Song has achieved widespread recognition as an entrepreneur in the YouTube automation industry. His entrepreneurial journey began at the age of 17 and since then, he has not stopped in his quest to grow and improve every day.

Challenging barriers, leaving aside fears, and overcoming every obstacle along the way, this young man’s conviction was, without a doubt, his best weapon to achieve his goals. And although it was not a simple job at all, he assures that he had never been more sure of being in the right place at the right time.

Fear is an Impulse

To believe that a successful young man whose business journey began during his adolescence was simple is a mistake. It was precisely his beginnings that have had the greatest barriers.

Mainly, facing his parents. This young man comes from an Asian home where the rule is to complete his studies, obtain a university degree, and practice a socially recognized profession. Medicine, Law, Engineering were some of the options his parents had in mind.

However, Joseph Samuel was on a different path. He was able to find videos on YouTube of young entrepreneurs earning about 6 figures a month. And he felt his ideas could be just as successful, so he began planning his start in the business world.

The news was alarming to his family and although the discussions and conversations were long, they didn’t change Joseph’s mind. Unconfident of the idea, his parents let him continue.

The fear of failure became double, as it was not only the pressure of defeat but also the fear of disappointing his parents. Nevertheless, Joseph was confident in his idea and decided to work on it in the right way: by acquiring knowledge.

He prepared, built his brand on Instagram, hired mentors, considered all his strategies, restructured everything in the process. Soon after, he went from uploading Shopify videos, by then what was on the agenda, to learn even more about the YouTube industry, hired a team to create videos, edit, produce, among others, and grew considerably.

Today, Joseph Samuel has over 50 channels from various clients which he manages with his team of over 100 people. He has over 15 cash cow channels and also helps other channels to monetize, obtaining passive income.

As if that weren’t enough, he guides other people interested in entrepreneurship using YouTube as a platform.

Move Forward Even After Failure

Although many prefer to freeze in the face of failure, Joseph sees this scenario as an experience. He assures us that mistakes are part of every process. Rather than well on them as something negative, he tries to draw out as much learning as possible.

From his perspective, failure makes you grow if you handle it the right way. Expecting things to work the first time is much more difficult. Especially when the odds of that being the case may be very small.

Even if you work hard and intend to do it well, it is important to consider failure as a possibility at every step, within every project. This will also allow you to keep your feet on the ground and be adjusted to the reality of a process that may be changing.

Joseph Samuel assures that, from every mistake, every obstacle, and every failure, he has had a positive experience. It has allowed him to reinvent himself, to consider new options, and to move forward in the search for better conditions.

This has not only served him in the business world but has made him mature even more at his young age.

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