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How long did it take for Overwatch’s Hammond to become a porn star?

Hamster dongle engage!

overwatch hammond
Image: Blizzard

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NSFW Warning: This article does contain links to images of explicit sexual acts starring your favorite video game characters.

Overwatch, the popular team-based online multiplayer first-person shooter (TBOMFPS) has added a new hero to the lineup, in the form of a hamster in a literal hamster ball. Well, not literal as it’s a giant hamster ball mech, but let’s not split hamster hairs here. Instead, let’s focus on Hammond’s innocent, sweet appearance and how that would translate into disturbing, wildly illustrated and extremely well endowed Overwatch porn.

It only took a hot second for the gaming community (see: memes) to quickly realize that adding a furry critter to the Overwatch cast would eventually result in it becoming subject to the vaulted, throbbing stardom of being furiously erected into animated video game themed porn. But how long would that transition take, from innocent implementation in the game to full-on, raging hentai porn star?

It took less than 24 hours.

Hammond went live in the Public Test Realm on June 28. By mid-morning the next day, Hammond had joined the ranks of sexed-up Overwatch characters that permeate the dirty, dank, dicks-out, soaked and sordid corners of Rule 34 Reddit. I didn’t even check DeviantArt. I don’t need to. I had to quickly cleanse my palate with this delightful track from Insane Ian, delivering some Hammond-based musical humor.

We all know about Rule 34, and how it so easily lends itself to video game characters that are already highly sexualized, but this is where the rule really proves its existence. With a fucking hamster. With a fucking hamster fucking. Based on recently released screens, Hammond has a Bubblegum Victory Pose just like D.Va, so it makes sense that the community has chosen D.Va to be Hammond’s initial object of obsession. The Hammond organ is in full effect.

Meanwhile, according to Pornhub Insights, Brigitte is the most searched Overwatch character after being added in late March. Based on that, it shouldn’t take long for Hammond to be at the top of Overwatch searches on Pornhub.

“I totally get Overwatch porn because these characters are hyper-sexualized and each fits a clear archetype, which is kind of the definition of porn,” says a Blizzard animator who worked on Overwatch. “There is one thing about this trend that’s universal between film and games — if there is porn of your characters out there you know you’ve made a hit.”

So why do we love watching our favorite video game characters engage in often over-sized and generally embellished sexual activity? Does it bring us closer to the game or is it something deeper that we can’t quite identify? Do we watch Star Fox porn for the story or for the inherent attachment to the chemical reactions in our brains caused by gaming? Should your mom be worried? Probably not, as long as the porn isn’t in the game.

“I mean, why do we make porn of anything? For fun or for money? For the novelty? To fulfill a fantasy they could never actually make happen?” says Sex Ed Professor and Sexologist Dr. Lanae St.John, of The MamaSutra. “I can’t think of anything psychologically problematic about making porn of a specific game character. Rule 34, to me, just points out how diverse and vast the range of what we can think of and create is. And how we cannot underestimate the creativity of someone bored and horny.”

The gaming community usually runs pretty hot and is clearly frothing at the pants to see their favorite characters strip down to their animated, sometimes blue, and often furry genitals and get freaky and that’s perfectly fine. While Overwatch’s Hammond has quickly found a healthy and energetic sex life through fan art and gifs, at least there is no Waluigi porn. Right? Right?

What are your thoughts on Rule 34? Have a favorite? C’mon, tell us.

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