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Phigolf WGT Edition is an affordable and realistic golf simulator that you can bring anywhere

Going on a trip? Bad weather day? Phigolf WGT Edition can be played with limited space.

phigolf wgt edition vr
Image: Phigolf

If you’re a golfer that doesn’t live in a warm climate year-round, you know the alternatives are limited when the weather hits those bitter low temps. Sure, you could build your own home golf simulator, but realistically, that could cost thousands of dollars and maybe you just don’t have space.

So, what are your choices? Thanks to a recent partnership between World Golf Tour and Phigolf, you’re are about to get the next best experience to actual golf.

World Golf Tour, or WGT, is the most popular online golf game available, providing stunningly realistic access to the world’s most famous golf courses. Now, they are combing their online game with Phigolf’s state-of-the-art golf club sensor to bring the most affordable, realistic and portable golf simulator to come to the market: Phigolf WGT Edition.

phigolf wgt edition vr

Image: Phigolf

Going on a trip? Bad weather day? Phigolf WGT Edition can be played with limited space. That means you hit some balls at courses like St. Andrews Links or the Valhalla Golf Club from the comfort of your hotel room, living room, or office. What’s more, you can easily mount the sensor onto your own club and bring it to the driving range or while hitting balls into a net. And this isn’t just a solo experience. Play against your friends or in online tournaments and earn coins and experience points.

Compared to the thousands you would typically have to spend to get a golf simulator experience going from the comfort of your home, Phigolf WGT Edition is truly a steal. It starts at $129 ($120 off the retail price), and all backers will receive:

  • Phigolf WGT edition device
  • PhiStick simulated golf club
  • WGT all-course pack 6-month subscription
  • Wolf Creek golf course free for life
  • WGT credit and coin pack
  • Phigolf Original Simulator App all-course free for life

Back the campaign and get your year-round golf game going here: Kickstarter Link

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