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Planning to write about your lockdown journey? Here are 8 things to keep in mind

Here is a list of things that you should consider while you plan to compile the experiences that you gathered during the lockdown.

covid lockdown

You must not have thought in your worst nightmares to be restricted within the four walls of your house. And that too in the 21st century. But when the dice rolls in a different direction, there is a list of misfortunes that come your way. 

The COVID-19 pandemic is a similar havoc that fell upon everyone. The lockdown after that was essential for the survival and safety of humanity. 

While the pandemic took away the life and livelihood of millions worldwide, it taught us to believe and keep the ray of hope alive. The lockdown helped us to learn to live with the bare minimum and appreciate the little things in life. 

Your lockdown journey might be a mixture of ups and downs, the perfect amalgamation of emotions. And the best thing to do with experiences is to share them. If you believe in the power of creativity, then you can turn your monotonous days into amazing events. 

All you need is a set of ideas and the passion for turning it into a masterpiece. Here is a list of things that you should consider while you plan to compile the experiences that you gathered during the lockdown. 

8 Things To Keep In Mind While Writing Your Lockdown Journey 

Prepare A Roadmap

Without a proper plan, you can never reach your destination. The same thing happens in your writing journey. You need to have a concrete plan and follow it strictly to achieve the goal. 

Begin with making a list of all the things that you want to include in your book. Get your hands on modern technology that will help to pace up your work. For instance, you can use novel writing software

Fix a timeline, so you can avoid delays and finish your book on time. This practice will help you to make optimum use of your creative energy. 

Understand The Reader’s Mindset

Prioritizing your readers is crucial as they are your audience, and they will judge you at the end of the day. You need to build a strong connection with your readers and engage with them through the power of words. 

And it is only possible when you invest time in understanding the mindset of your readers. 

Inflict Positivity 

A positive mindset will help you to sail through the most complicated circumstances. During the lockdown, positivity must have been your biggest asset. So while writing about how you spent your lockdown, ensure to focus on the positivity. 

Showcasing the positive side will speak about your personality and help your readers get motivated and work on themselves. While writing a book, your prime goal should be to influence your readers, and inflicting positivity in them is the first step towards the bigger picture. 

Focus On Moral Lessons

You must not have ever anticipated being locked inside your house. But most unexpected things happen at uncertain times. The lockdown must have taught you a lot of things that you would have otherwise overlooked. 

So while drafting your lockdown diary, ensure to write about all such episodes that taught you something new and meaningful. It could be something really small, but the impact it will leave makes all the difference.

Get Into The Details 

While writing the book, ensure you get into the minute details. Don’t skip any part, instead weave the storyline beautifully. The more you keep your readers entangled, the more they will appreciate your content. 

You might need other characters’ help to make the story more interesting, but that should not deviate you from the goal of inspiring your readers and leaving a mark in their hearts and mind. Mentioning the details will help your readers to build a connection with the characters in your book.

The lockdown was a period of self-discovery, and the episode of self-discovery could be untidy. But no matter what it is, you should present it as it has been and let the intricacies hold the reader’s attention. 

Don’t Break The Flow

Sometimes you might want to speed up the process of writing. While there is no harm in it, there is always an underlying fear of breaking the flow. Take things slowly and in a planned manner. 

While changing your pace, you might miss out on important information you had always wanted to share. So it is important to have proper concentration and dedication while writing. 

If you have to juggle between professional commitments and your passion, you should take the help of a book writing software that will make your dream project streamlined.

Include Graphics 

Simple texts might seem boring to some readers. A wise way to connect with the readers is to make your book visually appealing. Visuals will ensure that the reader has the engagement that you are targeting. 

The graphics could be in different forms. It could be the photographs you had taken during the lockdown or an animated version of your book’s chapters. No matter what it is, ensure to make it appealing, creative, and meaningful. 

Focus On The Real Story

Storytelling is an art. But while enjoying the art, do not forget the thin line that lies between fiction and reality. Your lockdown story is a reality that you are molding with the help of words. So try to present the real story. 

Your story does not necessarily have to end on a happy note. But it should be a story about learning, falling, and growing. It should leave behind a message that will inspire the readers to be determined and dream of achieving. 


Writing a book is a responsibility on a writer’s shoulder. You are responsible for your reader’s response, but you should not let it impact you negatively. 

While writing a book, you should remember these couple of things. But the most important thing is to write from your heart. 

You should always be truthful, dedicated, and passionate about your work. Let your lockdown journey be a natural flow of your emotions and act as a bridge between you and your readers. 

Once the readers see themselves within the protagonist, it’s a sign that your book has reached its destination.

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