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Here’s Forza Horizon 4 running on an Android phone through Microsoft’s xCloud

Public trials are expected to start this year.

project xcloud being shown on android phone during inside xbox show
Screenshot: Microsoft

We’ve been getting some juicy tidbits of information here and there regarding Microsoft’s game streaming service xCloud, but thanks to the Inside Xbox show last night, we actually got to see the service in action.

With xCloud, gamers should theoretically be able to play their Xbox games anywhere a stable network connection is available (maybe even on Nintendo Switch!). It means that Microsoft’s servers handle all the heavy lifting, allowing you to play on devices that shouldn’t be able to power the games.

Check out Forza Horizon 4 running on an Android phone with xCloud

While it looks really good, we’ll need to see just how well it works in real-world environments. Internet connections can still be pretty sketchy for everyday users when it comes to consistent speeds and I’m interested to see if 4G (and 5G) will be able to handle streaming the titles.

There could also be issues with latency since technically the game is registering your controller movements, sending that back to Microsoft, and then putting those actions on screen. In competitive titles where every second counts, it could definitely pose a problem.

Even so, just the fact that we’re having this discussion and seeing what it looks like in action is an exciting prospect for gaming and how we’ll game in the years to come. If you’re interested in Project xCloud, Kareem Choudhry, Microsoft head of gaming cloud, notes that the company will begin public trials for the service this year.

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