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Best Buy offers lowest price ever on PS5 at $449

Get the elusive PlayStation 5 at its cheapest price ever! Grab it at Best Buy for $449.

can the playstation 5 lay on its side
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Hold on to your DualSense controllers, folks! The elusive PlayStation 5 has just dipped from its Olympian $500 high down to $449. And while it’s not the biggest discount, ti’s currently at one of its cheapest.

And no, this isn’t a drill soaked in wishful thinking. For a whisper of time, unraveling the myth that PS5 deals are as rare as a calm day on Twitter is this gem of an offer.

Cruise over to Best Buy faster than Sonic with a caffeine buzz and snag it.

“But $51 savings, big whoop!” you scoff. Understandable, but lest we forget the dark days of last year’s console scarcity, where owning a PS5 was up there with having a pet unicorn.

Why skip the Xbox for this beauty? It’s not just about brand loyalty. PS5 swings open the gates to next-gen gaming with lightning-fast loading times, a silky-smooth frame rate, and a controller that feels like future tech in your sweaty grasp.

If you do end up taking advantage of this deal, we have some advice; Be quick.

Deals like this have the life expectancy of a snowball in summer. Grab one, fire it up, and step boldly into tomorrow’s gaming landscape today. See you on the other side.

Sony PlayStation 5


The PlayStation 5 offers next-gen gaming with enhanced graphics, rapid load times, and an innovative DualSense controller, providing an immersive gaming experience that pushes the current boundaries of console play.

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05/19/2024 12:43 pm GMT

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