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PUBG mobile is no more in China, replaced with…Game for Peace?

luv 2 be censored

Tencent pubg clone game for peace
Image: Tencent

While it is easy to talk about Fortnite as the battle royale game, it’s easy to forget that a little something called PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds helped kickstart the genre back in 2017.

The game had huge success across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 and then found its way to mobile in March of 2018, where it continued to see large player numbers. The game was even brought to China by Tencent, but was not allowed to monetize the title at all.

Which brings us to PUBG mobile today

Tencent has removed PUBG from China and replaced it with something called Game for Peace, because yeah, that makes sense. Game for Peace is almost literally PUBG, but replaces some things that China doesn’t like with things that China likes. Love the smell of propaganda in the morning.

So, why did this happen? As TechCrunch reports, “Last month, the country’s State Administration of Press and Publication released a series of demands for new titles, including bans on corpses and blood, references of imperial history and gambling.”

Cool cool cool, no doubt.

Also, not only does the game basically look like a carbon copy of PUBG, but some players are even reporting that their progress transferred over to the new title. Sure, why not? Now that the game passes China’s standards for games, Tencent and Krafton (formerly Bluehole) will be able to monetize the new title.

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