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The Gardens Between is coming to iPhone and iPad in May

For $4.99, it’s well worth the purchase.

the gardens between
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We reviewed The Gardens Between back September of last year and were thoroughly impressed by the game’s style, puzzles, and minimalistic, yet powerful, story. Now, that experience is coming to iOS.

Announced this week, The Gardens Between will be available for iPhone and iPad on May 16. It will run $4.99 on the App Store.

More about The Gardens Between

With the game, you’ll be tasked with playing two friends while you figure out puzzles scattered throughout nostalgic cutouts of your characters’ lives. The puzzles never feel overly-complicated for the sake of confusion, but work well within the game and figuring out problems (especially in later levels) feels extremely rewarding.

The brilliance here is that almost anyone playing will connect to these moments, as well, sometimes adding a twinge of sadness to the experience. It’s not a bad sadness, more so longings for times past. Time, as you’ll come to find, is the major theme of this game. From the minimalistic cutscenes to the actual tools you use to solve puzzles, time is everywhere.

From our review, “The style of the game is beautiful and calming, with a light soundtrack that fits perfectly with the rest of the aesthetic. It definitely feels like an indie game, one that was birthed from a love of puzzle titles and a fondness of time and youth.”

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