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Razer’s latest mobile gaming innovation? Socks for your fingers

Make sure you stay protected when engaging in mobile gaming.

Razer finger sleeves on smartphone
Image: Razer

Razer never ceases to amaze with its outrageous gaming peripherals. A few months ago, the company was hyping up its elusive RGB face mask, but it has now moved on to a whole new mission. For all of you sweaty-thumb mobile gamers out there, Razer has introduced some weird-looking finger condoms.

Actually, the company is calling them “Gaming Finger Sleeves.” The aim of these little bad boys is to help you keep a non-slip grip during those sweaty mobile gaming sessions, but we like to think of them more as finger condoms.

But these finger condoms aren’t the simple old-school latex protection that you might think. They’re built with a special conductive silver fiber so your screen can still recognize your touch, while your little guys stay warm and comfortable the whole time (fingers…I’m talking about your fingers).

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These things are supposed to help decrease friction (always nice) and offer “maximum accuracy” in any mobile game out there. There’s a chance that they might not work with older touch screen devices though, and it turns out the finger condoms are only about 98% effective (I’m almost done, I promise).

The finger condoms are available now for $10 for a pack of two. You may need to get a couple of extra packs if you’re looking to protect some extra digits, but there’s definitely no need to double up and it won’t increase effectiveness.

We’ll have to see how well these finger condoms are received, but I’m a little skeptical myself. Call me old-fashioned, but nothing beats that natural, raw skin-to-screen contact that you get without protection.

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