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Reddit doesn’t plan to ban pornography, according to its CEO


Good news, everyone. Reddit doesn’t have any plans to ban pornography from its platform, according to Reddit CEO Steve Huffman in a recent “Axios on HBO” interview.

Now, this doesn’t mean the company condones all pornographic content, just as long as it’s not exploitative. From Axios:

“You can look at [porn] as exploitative. And, indeed, much of it is. And that’s not the content that we want on Reddit,” Huffman said. “But there’s another aspect that’s empowering. And these are people sharing stories of themselves, pictures of themselves. And we are perfectly supportive of that.”

Reddit has a strict policy when it comes to “involuntary pornography,” which includes content “depicting any person in a state of nudity or engaged in any act of sexual conduct apparently created or posted without their permission, including depictions that have been faked.”

“We want people to be safe, we have rules on Reddit — no involuntary sexualization. And if anybody makes those sorts of reports to us we take those very seriously,” Huffman stated, reiterating the fact the site also prohibits the sexualization of minors.

“There are difficult decisions to make in this sphere, but we think they’re worth making. As opposed to saying ‘no sex at all,’ for example,” says Huffman. Watch the full interview here.

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