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Reduxbuds AI-powered headphones are about to take over the planet

Here’s what makes these headphones so good that we’re willing to brave the apocalypse.


The machines are here. The AI has become sentient. It’s only a matter of time before all of humanity bows to its robot overlords.

At least, that’s what we think when we listen to ReduxBuds, the new AI-powered true wireless headphones. The machine learning in these earbuds is so advanced that Skynet must be behind them.

And you know what? We’re not even mad. If the future sounds this good, we’ll take the blue pill any day!

ReduxBuds AI-powered ANC headphones feature some pretty futuristic tech. They’re headed to stores near you, their future captive listener, in 2021, but we’ll tell you how to grab a pair early AND get them for a huge discount.

Don’t believe us? Check out the beginning of the rise of the machines at Here’s what makes these headphones so good that we’re willing to brave the apocalypse.

Scary-Good Artificial Intelligence ANC

There’s nothing in the audio world quite like ReduxBuds’ AI-powered ANC. This tech made our eyes pop, seriously.

ReduxBuds AI is able to listen to your surroundings via the earbuds’ beamforming mic. It does this constantly (when Transparency Mode is active) as you listen to your music. When it hears a sound that it deems critical, it will allow that sound to pass through to your ears. All other sounds will be blocked with uber-strong 30 dB noise cancellation power (that’s 50% stronger than Airpods Pro’s ANC power, by the way).

ReduxBuds’ algorithm was programmed to understand and categorize over 6000 sounds at an insanely fast rate. A soon as it hears a sound, it knows whether you need to hear it or whether you can blissfully go on listening to your tunes while ignoring the outside world.

This means you can now listen to your music safely while going about your day, as the AI will let you know when any car horns or sirens blare. It can even detect voices that are speaking to you, so you won’t need to take out your earbuds when you stop into a convenience store or chat with a receptionist.

ReduxBuds’ AI gave us a gift that we’d always wanted. Finally, we can leave our headphones in ALL DAY and never miss a beat of our music or our lives.

Massive 100-Hour Battery

You can really listen to ReduxBuds all day. And tomorrow. And the next day. And then you can hop on a flight around the world and keep listening—without having to plug in a charger.

Redux Labs must have some Terminator or Iron-Man style tech up its sleeve because it destroys the competition when it comes to battery life.

These earbuds are able to achieve up to 10 hours of straight playback on a single charge and they pack an additional 90 hours of juice in the pocket carrying case. That means you can wear them all day at work for 2 weeks and still have enough power to run 4 marathons (which you may need to if the robots find you).

Better Fit than AirPods

As with all great tech advances, with great power comes great responsibility. If Redux Labs is going to give us headphones that last all day, every day, they must make them comfortable and free from earbud itchiness.

This is the law (or it should be, at least).

On that front, they have succeeded. ReduxBuds were designed by ergonomic engineers using diagrams of the ear canal. They designed the earbud tip to sit snug inside the ear canal without creating the feeling of “plugging” the ear.

It’s incredibly comfortable, and that’s coming from people who don’t typically like the inner-ear fit. Even AirPods users found ReduxBuds more comfortable.

The startling thing about ReduxBuds ergonomic fit is that it doesn’t really feel “comfortable.” It feels like nothing is in your ears at all. After a few minutes, it feels like your music is playing in your head like a soundtrack to your life. It’s a pretty awesome sensation, but we can’t really describe it. You have to feel it to understand.

40% Larger Speakers

Speaker brands have always had a tough time fitting big sound into tiny earbuds. This is why people are always complaining about a lack of bass and dynamic range from true wireless headphones.

ReduxBuds has managed to get around this by constructing its drivers out of a nano-particle called graphene. This allotrope of carbon is 1000x stronger than steel, yet 200x thinner than paper. It’s able to deliver crystal clear sound at much bigger volumes in a tiny package.

Graphene does the work of normal speakers in half the space. But Redux Labs went ahead and enlarged their drivers anyway, giving them even more volume and clarity. With speakers 40% larger than other leading earbuds, ReduxBuds can deliver highs and lows (yes, real bass from earbuds!) that resemble studio headphones and not tinny earbuds.

Apocalypse-Ready Durability (IPX5)

ReduxBuds want to follow you everywhere and learn your every move. It’s almost like they’re preparing for a takeover of some sort….

To assist them in their journey, the earbuds are sealed, reinforced, and protected against the elements.

Don’t be afraid to take them jogging or hiking in the rain (or scavenging for spare parts in the aftermath of the mechabattles). With an IPX5 waterproofing rating, they can withstand even heavy downpours. They are also seamless and button-free, so dust and sand won’t get inside.

A Lot More

ReduxBuds have a few extra secrets up their sleeve that we don’t have time to cover in this article, but we’ll give you a sneak peek below:

  • Bluetooth 5.0: The most advanced wireless tech for instant auto-pairing and flawless connectivity at up to 30 feet.
  • Touch Controls: Buttons are obsolete. Control your AI companion with intuitive taps.
  • Digital Assistant Access: Call, text, surf the web, and more using voice commands. Access Google or Siri directly from ReduxBuds.
  • USB-C Fast Charging: Power ReduxBuds 2x faster times with Type-C charging.
  • Dual-Beamforming Mic: Enjoy crystal-clear calls no matter what’s happening in your vicinity.

ReduxBuds are the earphones that do it all. It’s no wonder we won’t be surprised when they take over the world.

Accept ReduxBuds AI (for 50% off) or Perish

Even if ReduxBuds don’t manage to conquer the planet with their advanced AI, they could still conquer the headphone world. There’s just too much unrivaled tech here to ignore.

Apart from the fantastic ANC modes that finally allow us to live with our headphones forever in our ears, there’s also the unbeatable 100-hour battery and ridiculously comfortable fit.

In terms of audio quality, you really can’t do better for the price. Graphene speakers are so clear that you can hear more layers in the treble and cleaner bass than other earbuds.  

ReduxBuds will retail for a premium price once they drop to the general public in 2021, but they’re currently still available at early-bird pricing of 50% off. Once they hit the shelves, the price will shoot up, so don’t miss your chance to get a pair now. 

You DO NOT want to find yourself alone in a futuristic hellscape patrolled by robot sentries without your playlist to keep you company!

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