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Review: 1byOne’s iPhone 5/5s Battery Case really impresses my wife

Is your iPhone always running out of battery power? This case by 1byone may be the answer you’re looking for.

Prior to getting this case, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for me to receive a text once or twice a week from my wife that pleaded for me to bring her phone charger to her office. She has her iPhone 5S and while she wouldn’t go Android to save her life, the limited life of that iPhone battery has been a problem for too long.


Then, 1byone sent us the iPhone 5/5s Battery Case to review.

My wife’s first concern as I removed her faux-Otterbox case was that the battery case wouldn’t offer the same protection as her heavier duty one. I’d be lying if I said she was wrong, but as a battery case, the 1byone case offers a bit more than some of the higher-end competitors. The phone slips into the case for the top, so there is a slight lip the will prevent a drop from making direct contact to the screed itself. Some other models actually are flush with the phone itself. The sides and the corners of the case are well protected and could easily take more abuse than my wife and 2 kids can dish out. The area to slide the phone in also fit the screen protector she had on her iPhone 5s to start, so that helped as well.


The phone battery itself did what it was supposed to do wonderfully. She still has to charge the phone and case at least every day, but she can comfortably use her device without having to worry about conserving battery life. The case uses the pass-through charging, so the phone charges first, then the case charges once the phone is charged. Interestingly enough, the case uses the micro-usb charger, so all other normal phone chargers now magically work on the iPhone.

All in all, it’s not a bad case for the money and performs as well as any other $90 alternative. If you have an old iPhone like my wife, this case is worth checking out! [letsreview postid=”45364″]

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