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RewardMob is the blockchain-based mobile eSports gaming platform you already knew existed

Pass the melatonin.

Image: Bitcoinist

Remember going to the arcade when you were a child with a pocketful of quarters and a curfew that was balanced by the position of the sun in the sky? Remember waiting in line to compete against friends and strangers using cryptocurrency instead of coins and mobile games instead of arcade cabinets? Sure you do. If not, RewardMob remembers, because that’s exactly what it does.

RewardMob, a competitive mobile gaming platform that uses blockchain technology and a cryptocurrency token system rewards gamers with cash prizes, crypto returns and gift cards, just for developing carpal tunnel in their fat little thumbs. Mobile gamers, akin to meth heads trapped in a corn maze, love to be rewarded for just doing the drug they love.

“RewardMob is changing mobile gaming by allowing players to earn and win real-life cash and prizes while helping game developers make more money,” says RewardMob CEO Todd Koch. “Imagine being able to play Candy Crush and earn or win prizes. That’s exactly what RewardMob allows you to do, giving gamers the opportunity to win and spend cryptocurrency, cash, and gift cards. We are making it easy for mainstream mobile gamers to be able to play competitive casual games for cash and prizes.”

RewardMob keeps growing

While you might scoff at the idea of competitive mobile gaming and comment that the cheesy mobile games you play on the toilet aren’t exactly parallel to the games being shown on ESPN during eSports tournaments, RewardMob has continued growing its user base since launch, with over 100k active users this year. It’s not illogical to think that all the time-wasting games you play while queuing at the DMV might actually benefit you in some financial way.

Rewardmob games

Image: RewardMob

There are a ton of cheesy games in the RewardMob arcade, many of which you probably already play. RewardMob provides the arcade environment, while devs add their own SDKs. So you have your bubble shooters, your tower defense games, first-person shooters and more. The RewardMob wallet is embedded within the app and each new user gets a wallet. Buying and selling is done through the RMOB token with a tap of the button.

The active token sale

Of course, there is an active token sale and if you want more details on the RMOB token itself and how it’s managed and backed, you can read the whitepaper here, because there is nothing more entertaining than a whitepaper highlighted with infographics, flowcharts, and legalese. Whitepapers are a form of intellectual pornography at this point.

RewardMob is available on iOS and Android and to date, there have been over three thousand tournaments with 97k Instant RMOB prizes given away totaling ~7m tokens, 269 Instant win Cash prizes totaling $1680, 33k Token prizes won in tournaments totaling ~11m tokens and 1,258 Cash prizes won in tournaments totaling $45,387.12. To the decimal. Since you already waste a good chunk of your day playing silly games on your phone, you may as well profit off it.

Have you tried RewardMob? What did you think? Let us know below.

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