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This Robot Vacuum is hella cheap at Gearbest

Did you ever want a Roomba, but were too cheap to buy a Roomba? Meet the ILIFE X5 Robot Vacuum.


Wondering how well a self-controlled robot vacuum would keep your space clean without having to break the bank? Fear not, because our friends at Gearbest have you covered. Right now you can pick up the ILIFE X5 robot vacuum for $122.99 using the coupon code ILIFEX5LA at checkout. It’s on sale right now for $125, but Gearbest knows you’re trying to (literally) save a couple of bucks, so if you use the coupon code ILIFEX5LA you can get a whole two dollars off of the already discounted price.

If you don’t want a sweet robot vacuum to help keep your floor straight, there’s a whole bunch of other cool things you could do with the ILIFE X5. For example, you could glue knives to it and enter it into a Battlebots competition, or simply make it a majestic steed for your cat/dog/hampster/girlfriend/turtle/Harambe or whatever to prance around on. Either way, for $122.99, this is a pretty sweet deal especially if you’ve been curious but never wanted to pull the trigger on the name brand.

Besides, how can you be mad at self-controlled robot vacuum that’s capable of both wet and dry vac options? Head on over and pick up yours today!

ILIFE X5 Robot Vacuum, $122

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