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Samsung’s new Galaxy S Pen Creator Edition gets tilt function

It’s missing a lot of the typical S Pen features, however.

New samsung galaxy s pen creator edition
The Samsung Galaxy S Pen Creator Edition

Apple is known for the Apple Pencil, which starts at $79 and is considered one of the best tablet accessories for creators.

However, the Android side has its own pen input options, too. Samsung has standalone accessories with its tablets, and recently, the company has launched the new Galaxy S Pen Creator Edition.

Samsung launched the Creator Edition of its S Pen alongside the Galaxy Tab S9 series, but the folks over at 9to5Google just spotted the stylus is now available at $100 in the United States. 

Is there anything special about the Galaxy S Pen Creator Edition? 

In terms of the design, the Galaxy S Pen Creator Edition is very different from its predecessors, the S Pen Pro and other S Pens before it. 

It has more of a pencil-like design, reminiscent of Apple Pencil. The new design also makes it easier for users to hold the pencil and use it. 

The Galaxy S Pen Creator Edition also comes with a thicker new 9mm stylus nib, which is tilt-sensitive and replaceable.

The pencil also comes with a single button used for interacting with your tablet. However, you cannot use this pencil with the Galaxy Z Fold series as the nib does not retract because the pressure is different. 

Interestingly enough, the Galaxy S Pen Creator Edition doesn’t have any conventional S Pen features.

There are no magnets and no battery in the pencil. The absence of a battery also means you don’t have to worry about charging it. 

That said, for some reason, Samsung has priced this pencil quite higher compared to its other products -the standard S Pen for the Galaxy Tab S9 comes at $60, while the S Pen Fold Edition for the Galaxy Z Fold 5 is just $54.99 at Samsung.

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