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Finally, Samsung has officially announced the date of the Galaxy S10 reveal

Those leaks were real.

samsung folding logo
Image: Samsung

Honestly, I don’t know why Samsung bothers announcing anything anymore. By the time the slumbering Korean giant has roused itself long enough to create snazzy graphics for a tweet, everyone and their dog already knows what the content will be because of multiple leaks. The cynical would say Samsung is manufacturing their own leaks, which doesn’t sound so crazy when you think about it.

Anyway, after multiple rumors and reports – the date is set. The Galaxy S10 will be finally be revealed on February 20th, 2019. That’s when we’ll find out if all of the other leaks, renders, third-party accessories, and everything else to do with the 10th-year-anniversary device are also correct. It’s also in San Francisco, as mentioned by the Samsung Newsroom.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m completely out of hype for this reveal. Samsung has kinda dialed-in the design of the Galaxy S range for a few years now, and there’s only so much curvy, glass-jaw’ed awe in me. I reviewed the S9, praised its technology while decrying the fragility of its being. It’s just not for me.

Is the foldable phone on its way?

What could be for me, however, is the foldable phone that Samsung is also reportedly showing off at the Unpacked event in February. That’s something innovative, different, and technologically advanced. Best of all, it won’t be glass due to the need for flexibility. Maybe that’s a phone that I can slip into my pocket and not worry too much about spider-cracks from sitting down too fast.

When Samsung briefly flashed the foldable phone on stage at the Developers Conference, it was strongly hinted that we’d see the full device in 2019. Well, it’s 2019 and I’m done waiting. Show the goods or gtfo, I’m done being teased. Seriously, I’d rather know nothing before the launch than to have the usual cloak and dagger show of rumors/leaks/etc.

I do hope that the camouflaging that Samsung had on the foldable before was just that and that it’s been refined in the meantime. That recent sketchy Xiaomi leak looked better than the last few prototypes that Samsung showed off, so I’d hate for all that hype to hit a flexible wall.

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