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Samsung just added a bunch of new SmartThings to its lineup

Smart things for your dumb home.

samsung smarthings internet of things devices on a desk
Image: Samsung

Samsung has added three new devices to its SmartThings range – a connected camera, LED bulb, and a WiFi smart plug.

The interesting difference between these and the existing range is that most of them don’t need to be connected to a SmartThings hub to work.

SmartThings is Samsung’s IoT range

With these new devices, Samsung looks to be aiming for those who are relative newcomers to the smart home game. All three devices can be used straight from the SmartThings app, without needing the $70 SmartThings hub.

  • SmartThings Cam ($89,99): The new Cam is 1080p resolution, with a 145-degree wide-angle lens. It also works in the dark, and has HDR recording. All the other staples of smart cameras are here, like two-way audio, motion detection that can differentiate between people and animals/vehicles, and user-set activity areas of detection. Twenty-four hours of cloud storage (for up to 4 cameras per account) is free, with anyone needing longer than that needing to pony up $7.99 per month ($79.99 per year) for 30-day recording storage. That paid plan also ups the number of cameras supported to eight. Oh, and other SmartThings devices can be triggered by the camera, like lightbulbs if it detects a potential intruder.
  • SmartThings WiFi Smart Plug ($17.99): This sits between your socket and whatever device you want, to turn it on and off remotely. Since it doesn’t need the Hub, it’s a fairly cost-effective way to remotely control your dumb lamps.
  • SmartThings Smart Bulb ($9)The cheap Smart Bulb is the only outlier in the new products, in that it needs the SmartThings Hub to work. Guess Samsung couldn’t fit the direct WiFi connection into the $9 budget. Still, they’re able to have brightness adjusted, making them the smartest dimmer in the house.

All of the new SmartThings devices are available starting today.

What do you think? Any of these smart home devices from Samsung of interest to you? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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