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Samsung put some new tricks into the Note 10 camera

Get your best shot, every time.

samsung galaxy note 10
Image: @evleaks

The new cameras on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 are pretty darn awesome looking. There’s two wide angle lenses, a telephoto one for closeups and a time-of-flight sensor for some nifty camera tricks and scanning abilities.

Check out some of the upcoming features below.

Samsung just supercharged the Galaxy Note 10’s camera

Image: Samsung

Okay, forget about the triple lens arrangement for a minute. The Note 10 can 3D scan objects, then animate them. It’s like Animoji, but you create them. How freaking cool is that? Oh, but you’ll need the bigger Samsung Note 10 Plus to use it, as the time-of-flight sensor only comes on the larger device.

  • Now, you can use bokeh effects in video, not just on photos
  • There’s a bunch of S Pen tricks too, like gesture control of camera focus and switching between the front and back cameras
  • AR Doodle lets you draw on people, it’s like self-made Snapchat filters
  • The new “sound zoom” feature uses the microphone array to focus recording on where noise is coming from, like a piano player
  • There’s also gimbal-mimicking video stabilization while you’re recording on the move
  • Oh, and there’s a full editing suite on-phone now

With the new camera tricks that the Note 10 comes with, it might just be the best handset for content creators who want to be mobile without spending huge amounts on camera equipment.

What do you think? Do these new camera features on the new Galaxy phones make you more likely to purchase one? Let us know down below in the comments or carry the discussion over to our Twitter or Facebook.

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