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Segway made a self-balancing vehicle like the ones from the movie Wall-E

Can’t wait to never move again.

segway s-pod
Image: Segway

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Last year, Segway-Ninebot said that in 2020, the company will unveil a brand-new roster of mobility vehicles, some of which include a new scooter. Now, Segway is introducing the world to the S-Pod, an egg-shaped mobility vehicle (wheelchair?) that looks admittingly fun to ride.

If anyone has seen the Pixar flick Wall-E, then chances are that these chairs will look familiar to them. The Hollywood comparisons are accurate, but Segway-Ninebot has said they were inspired not by Wall-E, but the Gyrospheres in the first Jurassic World. Mhmm, sure.

Segway presents the S-Pod, a self-balancing wheelchair with all sorts of cool features

All the rider will have to do is sit down and the controls for it will be located on a panel next to the seat. This makes the S-Pod one of the few vehicles in the company’s history that does not require someone to lean back-and-forth to control it. There is also an additional option for remote control, as the S-Pod comes with a detachable controller for the rider.

The S-Pod’s speed averages close to 8 mph, but it can go a little over 24 mph if the riders want to push it to its maximum overdrive. The company has developed a system where it maintains its center of gravity, so it does not tip over when you are spinning around in this giant egg.

The company will be debuting it at this year’s CES, where attendees can test them out and roll around the show floor. And some videos of folks riding and racing around in the S-Pods will certainly be entertaining.

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