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Senior-friendly phones: The elderly’s lifeline during emergencies

Naturally a senior is unlikely to want all of the bells and whistles of the modern-day smartphone.

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Whilst the older generation may look down on the kids and dislike the way in which mobile phones dominate their lives, most of them do recognize the value of having a mobile phone and how it can help in their own lives, particularly in emergency situations.

Naturally a senior is unlikely to want all of the bells and whistles of the modern-day smartphone, and they require something a little more rudimental. If you are on the lookout for mobile phones for seniors then here is a brief rundown of some of the best products on the market. 

The Jitterbug Flip

Our top pick is the Jitterbug Flip, a phone which ticks all of the boxes for what a senior may need. The handset weighs in at just under 5 ounces and offers a 1.44-inch display on the exterior and a 3.2-inch display on the interior. The beauty of this phone is easy to read buttons, which have chunky numbers on them making it very easy to understand and read.

All requests require a yes or no answer, enhancing the simplicity even more. The real jewel of this phone is the emergency button, a single touch button which will call emergency services or a family member, deepening on how it has been configured. This phone is easy to carry, easy to use, and has some extra features like a flashlight which could be very important in an emergency. 

Motorola G6 Play

This smartphone from Motorola features a big 5.7-inch screen with a 720p resolution which makes reading fonts on the handset very easy indeed. This is a handset for the more tech-savvy senior who perhaps wants to check the news, the stock price, or perhaps even their social media account. The battery life is mega on this handset which is a great benefit and that combined with the punchy and bright display make this a great phone for a senior. 

Nokia 4.2

This handset offers very good value indeed and comes in at just $125, a great price for a wonderful handset. This smartphone has a long battery life, a great looking display, and just enough tech for someone of the older generation. A neat aspect of this phone is the built-in Google assistant which can remind you when important events are taking place, or perhaps even when to take tablets, you can even respond to text messages without touching the phone.

This phone delivers on the simple stuff, it doesn’t try to do too much and it is extremely easy to use and has a display that is easy to make out. If you are looking for a phone which is great for a senior who won’t blow the budget, this is the one to get. 

These are just our favorite phones which are on the market right now which we think are ideal for a senior, any you think we’ve missed out, feel free to write them in the comments section below. 

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