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A 13-year-old finally does the impossible, beats Tetris

This kid played the game so perfectly for so long that it basically killed the game.

An image showing hands playing on a nes remote playing to a game of tetris
Image: aGameScout / YouTube

13-year-old Willis Gibson, also known as Blue Scuti on the internet, just pulled off something that was considered, until now, to be impossible: He ‘beat’ NES Tetris, a game that was thought to be unbeatable.

Now, ‘beating’ Tetris isn’t like beating other games. There’s no final boss and no credits. Instead, Blue Scuti played the game so perfectly for so long that it forced a kill screen that crashed the game.

According to Engadget, this happens when the game speeds up so much that the software can’t keep up.

Blue Scuti, the 13-year-old streamer, not only beat the classic game of Tetris on NES but also broke three world records in the process, reports Polygon.

Video: YouTube

He achieved this after 38 minutes of gameplay and captured the moment on video. The gameplay session was so intense that he couldn’t feel his fingers afterward.

Scuti utilizes a special gameplay style known as the rolling technique. It involves gliding your fingers along the bottom of an NES controller and using that momentum to roll the controller into the other hand.

When done right, you can hit the D-pad up to 20 times per second. This method revolutionized competitive Tetris play a few years back.

Here’s an example of it below:

Player Profile:

  • Name: Willis Gibson
  • Age: 13
  • Hometown: Stillwater, Oklahoma
  • Alias: Blue Scuti
  • Competitive Tetris Debut: 2021


  • Date: December 21, 2023
  • Level Reached: 157 (Kill Screen)
Video: aGameScout / YouTube

Blue Scuti’s achievement is a testament to his dedication and skill, and he has dedicated it to his late father, who passed away recently.

But this achievement is more than just a personal victory for Blue Scuti. It’s a triumph for humanity in the ongoing battle between man and machine, not unlike John Henry’s legendary race against the steam-powered hammer.

Until now, the only ‘entity’ to have forced a kill screen on NES Tetris was an AI program called StackRabbit. So, score one for the humans!

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