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Sonos will no longer push updates to some of its older products

Some of these ARE pretty old.

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Image: Sonos

Sonos will no longer be updating some of its legacy products after May of this year. The connected speaker company cites the “lack of memory and processing power” on these older products, some of which were introduced over a decade ago.

The part that might annoy users is that if they have those legacy products networked to newer ones, the newer models won’t get software updates either.

Sonos is phasing out updates for some legacy products in May 2020

Sonos is no longer going to update the software of some of its older devices, which is fine really. I mean, some are 15 years old today which is a really long time for any manufacturer to support devices with software updates. The annoying part for some owners is that if they also have newer Sonos devices, none will get any software updates until the legacy products are removed from service. Dang.

  • The affected models are: Sonos Bridge, Connect, Connect:Amp, CR200, Play:5 (Gen1), ZP80, ZP90, ZP100, and ZP120
  • If you want to replace them, Sonos is offering a 30 percent discount of newer gear for affected owners

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We’re not going to tell you what to do here, as your older Sonus speakers likely still work well. The only thing you lose without new software updates is the possibility of losing access to music service or voice partners in the future when they roll out their own updates. Maybe just wait it out to see what happens?

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